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My First Look: One Tree Hill

AUTHOR: mroberts
My First Look is a new blog series that takes you into the pilot episodes of long-established shows that we missed the first time around. Watching a show for the first time after it has existed in the public consciousness

Is the TV Theme Song an Endangered Species?

AUTHOR: mroberts
We've all heard the story of a man named Brady, moved on up to the east side and learned the facts of life through TV theme song lyrics. In the early days of television, the theme song of any given TV show might provide you with the entire premise of the plot As long as you heard the theme song, you'd never wonder why... Continue reading

Viewer Profile: The Hungry Food Network Watcher

AUTHOR: mroberts
There is a bizarre and unsettling paradox out there in the TV world. There are people who watch hours upon hours of Food Network programming, but don't know how to boil an egg. Maybe you're one of them. I know I am. I'm admitting this shameful fact to the world, but it's true '“ it's my dirty little secret. Why would I... Continue reading