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The Most Anticipated Reality and Game Shows in 2017

AUTHOR: jakerosen
This year is set to be full of exciting Reality and Game Shows. Networks are re-signing their most successful shows as well as bringing back classic shows from the past! Look at what’s to come this year:   ABC $100,000 Pyramid – ABC is bringing back a classic word association gameshow with celebrity host Michael Strahan.... Continue reading

Series Primer: Next

AUTHOR: mroberts
Always been curious about a particular TV show but don't really know how best to start? Let our Series Primer show you the way! Oh, Next. You glorious, empty, televised equivalent of a Cheez-puff. You are so unnatural and strangely orange yet, when I am tired, sad, sick or all of the above, you are all I need.

4 of TV's Biggest Jerks

AUTHOR: mroberts
TV seems to be a breeding ground for jerks, and for good reason. Jerks make for excellent television. They are natural lightning rods for drama, and resolve issues in the most inappropriate fashion imaginable. Today, we're starting a TV jerk competition to determine TV's biggest jerk. We still have no idea what we're... Continue reading

Fear Factor Goes Too Far With Donkey Money Shot

AUTHOR: mroberts
I don't know about Fear Factor. I've always felt like I'm on the verge of liking it, if they could just take it in a slightly different direction. I mean, I love Syfy's Scare Tactics, a show about creating an elaborate Punk'd-esque ruse designed to scare the pants off of some Joe Blows.