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Nuevo en DishLATINO: CubaMax TV!

    CubaMax TV es la más reciente adición de Dish Network a la amplia lista de canales latinos como Azteca América, Univisión, y Telemundo. CubaMax TV incluye películas, novelas, series de televisión, documentales, videos musicales y programación infantil, producidos por creadores de descendencia Cubana y dedicados a... Continue reading

Dish Introduces the Jadeworld International Package

AUTHOR: mroberts
So by now it's common knowledge that Dish offers a plethora of International programming packages, but did you know that as of November 18th they've added Jadeworld? Jadeworld is a Cantonese television package with the five top Cantonese channels: TVB1, TVB2, TVBe, TVBS and CCTV 4. With Jadeworld you get same day... Continue reading

What Happened to the I.T. Crowd?

AUTHOR: mroberts
Last October, show runner Graham Linehan announced the cancellation of British geek-friendly comedy The I.T. Crowd after only four seasons (man, those Brits need to learn to milk their shows until they run themselves into the ground like we do). Although The I.T. Crowd was slated for a fifth season to start production this... Continue reading

5 Episodes to Get Your Friends Watching Doctor Who

AUTHOR: mroberts
So you've watched the finale of Sherlock-- now what? If you're like me, you've already thrown a rock at the TV waiting for an explanation about the season's epic cliffhanger and are starting to feel the withdrawal kick in. You need your Steven Moffat fix. You need to take your mind off the fact that you may not see another... Continue reading