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Beyonce & Jay Z's Tour on HBO

AUTHOR: mroberts
Beyonce and Jay Z fans worldwide can watch their On the Run Tour on HBO beginning September 20.

Madonna Performs Many Squats at Superbowl Halftime, Also Sings

AUTHOR: mroberts
This year's Superbowl was all about the thigh workout. Certainly there was football, there were lots and lots of multimillion dollar commercials ( still claims the title of Creepiest Marketing Campaign of All Time), but the real highlight for many people was seeing 53-year-old Madonna perform roughly 250 squat... Continue reading

4 of TV's Biggest Jerks

AUTHOR: mroberts
TV seems to be a breeding ground for jerks, and for good reason. Jerks make for excellent television. They are natural lightning rods for drama, and resolve issues in the most inappropriate fashion imaginable. Today, we're starting a TV jerk competition to determine TV's biggest jerk. We still have no idea what we're... Continue reading