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We live in a time marked by an abundance of choice. From cars to clothes to electronics to food; product variation and uniqueness defines all levels of consumerism. When it comes to home entertainment, this fact is no different. These days, television content can be delivered to your home from a myriad of sources, including traditional paid TV services like DISH Network or DIRECTV. But which one is actually better? Let’s break it down.


Like with any TV service, the hardware they provide is the central nervous system that makes it all work. But not all systems are created equal. Take DISH TV’s Hopper 3 for instance; it’s currently the best DVR on the market in terms of recording space, computing speed, and available tuners. Specifically, the Hopper 3 can record up to 500 hours of HD programming, reducing the need to delete stored shows! DIRECTV’s latest Genie DVR can only record up to 200 hours. In addition, the Hopper 3 boasts 16 tuners which enable it to display or record up to 16 shows at once – the Genie can only handle 5. The Hopper 3 also features integrated apps like Netflix and YouTube which is something the Genie doesn’t offer.


While having cutting-edge technology is important, the service itself is what most people care about. Channel offerings, pricing, and customer service are all vitally important when choosing one TV service over another. At the time of this writing, DISH offers a TV package with 190+ channels starting at $34.99/mo while DIRECTV’s lowest-priced package, with only 145+ channels, is currently $50/mo. In terms of customer service, DISH offers 24/7 live assistance…DIRECTV does not. Given the facts, DISH’s service and pricing clearly offer an edge over DIRECTV.


With all of the options and choices facing consumers these days, purchasing decisions really boil down to the small details of product differentiation. And when comparing DISH TV versus DIRECTV, the details clearly sway toward DISH TV being the better option. Its technology is more superior, its channel packages are priced more competitively, and its service as a whole is more attractive to the everyday consumer. But like anything else, the choice is ultimately yours. We know which one we’d pick.


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